There was time when Deadpool was a nobody. No one outside comic book fanatics had ever heard of him. So in order for us to hit a box office target of $12M, we had to make him unmissable.

Being ‘the Merc with a Mouth’, Deadpool was classified as MA15+. This not only meant that advertising for the film was restricted from virtually all mainstream TV programmes but that  we would lose out on families who make up the majority of superhero audiences at the cinema. Not mention that every MA15+ superhero movie (before this one) failed miserably, never breaking $10M.  

Opening up against the threat of Zoolander 2, it was not only crucial that we were first choice opening weekend, but we had to be the most talked about MA15+ movie ever.

Insight & Idea

We spoke with our cinema goers. Over 50% said they were tired of the ‘same old’ superheroes. However, social listening confirmed our insight which was that; fans couldn’t get enough of characters who dared to break the 4th wall (i.e. when a character talks to the audience through the screen!). With Deadpool’s adolescent humour and juvenile disposition we knew that if we tapped into his irreverence and tailored it to Australian culture we would capture their attention.

But, we needed a stage for broadcast. We identified that one of the biggest days for digital chatter is Australia Day – taking a huge risk, we pushed back our campaign a month in order to capitalize on this occasion and give Deadpool a reason to engage with Australia.

The Idea: A unique, localized content piece that allowed Deadpool to break the 4th wall with Australia, celebrating the country in a cheeky way, on a day when they are most proud.


Introducing: An Australia Day Message from Deadpool