Maxibon competes in a crowded snacking market, with competition from other ice-creams and convenience snacking options.

Our challenge was to insert ourselves into the snacking moments of Young Blokes and their shared moments with friends, and encourage sharing of these snacking moments with Maxibon as the enabler.

Insight & idea

The campaign platform was Maxibonding, which defines the relationship that develops between blokes over a mutual love of shenanigans. Our audience discovery work showed that online content is a constant in the day of our target persona ‘Nathan’. Snapchat being an ephemeral platform was the ideal channel to distribute snackable content and create an interactive element for our audience.



Maxibon, a Peters Ice Cream sub-brand, leveraged two ad formats on Snapchat; a Sponsored Lens and Snap ads. The Sponsored Lens transformed users faces into an icecream and the Snap ad played a short version of Maxibon’s broader campaign. 

The activity was part of a wider push from Maxibon that encouraged Australians to ‘Maxibond’ with mates and included outdoor creative and a bespoke app.

Peters Maxibon Snapchat



lift in purchase intent


lift in brand awareness

“Our campaign was about celebrating friendship or Maxibonding as we like to call it. We chose Snapchat because it’s hugely popular with our target audience and we wanted to provide our fans with something that would make them laugh,” said Peters Ice Cream Head of marketing Alicia Munday.