When you’re Australia’s 4th most adored beer brand but ranked 14th in terms of volume it’s time to reconnect. Overall beer sales were in decline and our premium image spiralling downwards.

Our target market of experience-loving, image-conscious extroverts “David”, were turning to other brands and drinks they perceived as more premium

We saw an opportunity to remind David of our premium virtues by hosting our local platform ‘Heineken Saturday’ at the F1

But we didn’t want to give our tickets away as David would continue to take us for granted.

Insight & Idea

We knew there is nothing that David loves more than a guestlist. But David is bombarded by so-called exclusives.

Trendwatching tells us that exclusivity needs to be earnt

And what’s more, the greater the test, the greater the status of that exclusivity!

So we created the Ultimate Status Test ‘Heineken Saturday – Are YOU in?’

Prove your Man of the World qualities and Heineken will Open your World to Australia’s most premium and fashionable guest list’

Olena Khamula, former ‘Bachelor’ star and model was the perfect Heineken hostess to lead the search.